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Purchasing computers for your business or professional organization is a significant investment...

You want a good price & the latest technology. And whether your buying them as isolated workstations or as part of a larger network, you want a company that will be there to answer questions and keep you up and running as much as possible.

From the rapidly expanding small business to large corporate accounts, Saturn Computers is ready to provide you with the highest quality computers at very fair, competitive prices. In order to stay competitive in today's economy, you need the latest in speed, technology, & support… Saturn Computers is ready to provide this to your business.


At Saturn, we strive to keep your costs as low as possible while maintaining extremely high quality. We understand that your business has a limited budget, and by building each machine as it is ordered, we don't get stuck with huge warehouses full of outdated computers & parts. And all Saturn computers are non-proprietary - this maximizes your new computers' upgradability and minimizes the cost of repair.


Saturn Computers is among the leaders in high quality systems. Because we don't sell pre-built machines you can be assured of the quality of our systems. We will not cut corners by using 'cheap' or otherwise poor quality components in an attempt to compete with others that do the same. Saturn Computers uses only the most reliable name brand components & parts.

Custom Configurations

Because we build our own systems we can configure them to your exact specifications. Whether it's an add-on to an expanding network, or a single addition to the front office, we can setup your new computers specifically for their upcoming tasks. Saturn Computers will install & setup any software purchased with the computer along with any peripherals, such as a scanner or modem.

Service & Support

Saturn Computers is committed to excellent service & support. Because we are not a large mail order company or chain, we are able to offer more individualized service & better help. We've been in business since 1981, and it's because of the quality of support that we've offered our business customers.

Please let us know if you have any questions. And if you haven't been to our store be sure to check it out.

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