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Scanning Services


Share those old wedding and antique family photos and documents with all your children and grand children.

M&M Scanning, a division of Saturn Computers, will individually and carefully scan your old photos and documents. Each can be scanned both in color and black and white and in two formats and then placed on either CDs or DVDs depending on the amount of information to be burned. Photos that are too large to be scanned will be photographed and rotated correctly. Color correction and scratch correction is available.

Cost is $5 per file produced, though our minimum order is $50 and includes two CDs or DVDs.

Corrections can be made to torn or discolored photos for a small additional fee of $2.50 each. Each additional CD or DVD is $25.

If a photo must be removed from and returned to a sealed frame, the cost is $10 each.

If you send us your photos, you will be billed for the shipping back to you. Payment must be made before the photos are returned. All shipping from us is insured and has a tracking number, but we are not responsible for photos lost in the mail. You are certainly welcome to bring your photos to us in person and pick them up in person also.

Contact us to discuss a project.

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